The French Speaking Countries of the World

The flag of France.

Around the world, there are many languages spoken. One of those languages is French, which has 77 million speakers worldwide and is spoken in many countries around the world.


One of these countries is France which is a country in Europe, where the language originated from. It is bordered by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Andorra, and Spain. This place where the Eiffel Tower is located, which is a well known landmark. This place is a nice vacation destination, and one I would like to visit.

The French flag. A map of France. The Eiffel Tower.


Another country is Madagascar, an island close to Africa. This country's capital is Antananarivo, with Christian Ntsay being the current prime minister. There are many unique and different animals in the country like tenrecs. The animals are what interest me the most, and one day I would like to go there because of that.

The flag of Madagascar. A map of Madagascar. A tenrec

New Caledonia

One last French speaking country is Nouvelle-Calédonie or New Caledonia. While it is not really a country, rather a collectivity of France, it does have its own legislature. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 800 mi away from Australia. It has many animals that are only found on the island such as the kagu, a flightless bird. It sounds like a nice place to be, and one day I hope to visit.

The flag of New Caledonia. A map of New Caledonia. A kagu stares into the camera. It knows what you did.